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Carla Boston is the owner of The Boston Agency, LLC. She has a strong passion to help people.  Anyone who knows her, knows her for just that. A true entrepreneur at heart, she has helped so many people start their own businesses, go back and finish school, purchase their dream home, and so much more. The motto for TBA is “I’m here to help.” She has had a mind for accounting since the 4th grade:

“One day when I was in the 4th grade, my dad asked me a question that most parents ask their kids at some point— ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’  With the biggest smile and the most confidence a 4th grader could muster up, I said, ‘A super hero!’ As if I was joking, my dad said, ‘What do you really want to be when you grow up?’ At this point, I’m out of options. I said, ‘I don’t know.’ My dad asked me what was I good at? I replied, ‘I can draw really well & I love math.’ He said, ‘you should be an engineer or an accountant.’ Without knowing what either really was, I chose accounting because at the time, I thought engineers drove trains, and I didn’t want to die on a train. I stuck with that thought for the rest of my life. All of my goals and aspirations from that time forward was to become an accountant. I went to school for business accounting. I eventually, started my own business in accounting. I’ve helped so many people with not only taxes, but LIFE. I’ve kissed so many babies, cried so many tears with clients (tears of sadness & tears of joy), I’ve helped so many clients get their dream homes, establish credit, re establish credit, etc. So, I guess I really am a SUPER HERO in my clients’ eyes. ☺”  

--Carla Boston

“The name of the company is obviously because my last name was Boston (I’ve since married), but I had the idea in mind years ago that I wanted to create something for my family & I to be able to work together helping people. I’ve done just that. Not all family is joined by blood. My clients, my staff, my family, and most of all my HUSBAND work together as a unit to help each other succeed. It’s such a beautiful thing to see. I pray every year for Yahweh to not send me EVERYONE, but to send me everyone that HE has for me to help. He answers that prayer every year. I’ve crossed paths with some of the greatest people for some of the greatest purposes. I love what I do. I love to help.” –Carla Boston

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