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With any of the financial solutions that we have available, credit is the key. We offer FREE credit consultations.

Looking for grants? Need a business loan? Looking to buy a HOME? Need extra funds for your business services? We are more than willing to help in any way that we can. Schedule a FREE Financial Solutions Consultation with us TODAY!

Our credit restoration team has been helping clients from all over to restore their credit and stick to a solid game plan. Repairing credit will only help for a moment. If the mindset is not repaired first, the same mistakes can happen again. Let us counsel you and teach you the RIGHT way to repair, rebuild, and restore your credit.

Here's what our clients have to say

I needed to buy a home within 45 days, and TBA’s credit team helped me increase my credit score by 122 points within 30 days. I am loving my new home!--V.E.

I was denied by several lenders for a business loan that I needed badly. A friend referred me to TBA, and I’m glad they did. My score went up by 68 points within the 1st 30 days of their program, and I was able to get the equipment I needed for my business. The advice that I was given made so much more sense, and I realized a had been doing it all wrong the whole time. Forever grateful!—R.R.

I can’t even begin to praise TBA for the help that I received for my personal & business credit. They are very knowledgeable, and they teach you along the way so it makes sense to you. I really like that about them. I’ve been working with them on credit, taxes, business services, and just LIFE, and I have been very satisfied on all fronts! I’ve referred anyone who will listen.—T.Y.